Four Legs and Dead

“If it moves on four limbs the odds are good that you’ll be able to eat it – if it doesn’t eat you first lad. So pay attention for a minute and I’ll learn ya all I know,” —Old Man

Badger: An aggressive carnivore whose diet includes insects and any mammal smaller than itself. The badger is known for its ferocity when cornered and perhaps because of this reputation its pelt and meat are highly valued especially in the warrior circles of the north.

Average price per pelt:7 sp
Average price per pound: 3 sp

Boar, Wild: An aggressive species of pig indigenous to the Isles. Adult boar average in length between four and seven feet in length, though larger versions have been rumored to grow around 21 ft. in length; average weights range from 400 to 750 lbs. They are capable of growing tusks as large as 26 inches. Their tusks, one of the few native resources of ivory, are highly valued by jewelers and artisans.

Average price per inch of tusk: 5 sp
Average price per pound of flesh: 3 cp

Deer, Red: A large species of deer native to the Isles prized by hunters throughout the north for its meat, antlers, and pelt. They can grow as large as 91 in. long and as heavy as 240 lbs.

Average price per pelt: 2 sp
Average price per pound: varies by region and season

Deer, Roe: The smallest native species of deer, the Roe averages between 3 and 4 ft. in length and rarely weighs over 65 lbs. While prized in the south for its meat and pelt it is often regarded as unmanly to participate in the killing of such a womanly creature in the northern regions of the Isles.

Average price per pelt: 2 sp (south only)
Average price per pound: 5 cp (south only) / 1 cp (north only)

Fox: A cleaver carnivore prized as a symbol of cunning in some regions of the Isles, while in others it is thought of as a beautiful coat and decent meal – if you get it before the dogs do . . .

Average price per pelt: 2 sp
Average price per pound: 2 cp

Hare, Brown: The brown hare is the only native species of rabbit on the Isles. It is pervasive in all regions of the Isles and is hunted for both its fur and meat.

Average price per pelt: 2 cp
Average price per pound: 1 cp

Otters: A semi-aquatic mammal that eats fish and any smaller mammals it can find. Beloved in many regions it is considered unlucky to kill the otter in most regions of the Isles.

Reindeer: The largest species of deer on the Isles. Reindeer have been domesticated in the north by many of the demi-humans and by several human tribes. Reindeer meat is virtually unknown in the south and consequently is considered a delicacy in certain wealthy circles.

Average price per pelt: 4 sp
Average price per pound: varies by region

Stoats: A winter weasel whose coat is entirely white except for its black tail. The stoat’s coat is highly valued though its meat is generally considered too gamey.

Average price per pelt: 1 gd
Average price per pound:—

Weasels: Common through the Isles, weasels are often valued for their coats; though their meat is generally considred too gamey.

Average price per weasel: 5 sp
Average price per pound:—

Four Legs and Dead

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