Hate Fuelled Killing Machines

“It was in the Winter of ‘01, back when your Da was still alive, that they came out of the hills. Like a river of death they slunk through the shadows into the fields and scoured the ground clean. More died that night than in all the years since. And even now you can see them up in the hills, watching us . . .”—Old Man

Black Adder: The only poisonous snake native to the Isles. Its bite is said to be capable of killing a man in three steps. As a result the Black Adder is considered a symbol of death and of bad luck. While villagers may pay for its death, they will not eat its flesh nor abide those who wear its hide.

Brown Bear: The Brown Bear is the only native species of bear on the Isles. An aggressive and territorial omnivore it is usually found patrolling its lands or feasting on its latest kill. Known for its aggressive nature few risk the bear’s ire and for that very reason its pelt is highly valued as is its meat.

Average price per pelt: 10 gd
Average price per pound: 8 sp

Wolf, Dire: Also known as a “Death Hound,” the Dire wolf is the largest of three varieties of wolves found on the Isles. The Dire wolf is a creature of pure evil and seeks only the destruction of everything it encounters. It serves only itself, though they have been known to join the causes of other evil creatures.

Average price per pelt: 4 gd
Average price per pound: 4 sp

Wolf, Grey: The Grey Wolf, or common wolf, is found throughout the Isles and is the smallest of the three varieties of wolves. When their populations swell the Grey Wolves have been known to gather into massive pack and scour the land clean of all living creatures.

Average price per pelt: 1 gd
Average price per pound: 5 sp

Wolf, Sturm : The Sturm Wolf, only slightly smaller than its larger cousin the Dire Wolf, is also known as the “Winter Wolf” due to its white coat. It lives in the north of the Isles and is feared both as a predator and companion. For while other wolves and dogs may become faithful companions the Sturm Wolf is fiercely independent and will abandon even long term companions if their paths no longer follow the same direction.

Average price per pelt: 8 gd
Average price per pound: 6 sp

Hate Fuelled Killing Machines

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