The Magyar live in the Golden Sea on the Isles of Malha, Podrock, and Tesle. They are a relatively peaceful people though they will kill a Vandal on sight and refuse to deal with the Pict. They are highly valued for their affinity with animals and are occasionally hired as for this purpose in civilized lands.

If you’re interested in playing a Magyar here are some things you must know:

1.) The Magyars treat their pets better than they treat each other and are loyal even beyond death to favored animals. When playing a Magyar you may choose one of the following as a free pet: Heavy Horse, Guard Dog, or Ox. The chosen animal must have a name and its safety takes precedence over your own and that of your companions.

2.) Magyars are incredibly superstitious people and begin the game with seven superstitions that they will follow at all costs. Throughout their lives they will pick up any additional superstitions they encounter so long as they do not conflict with a previously chosen superstition.

3.) 1 in 100 Magyars will carry his love of his pet over into a taboo area. Magyars who engage in bestiality are called Bagiers (Ba-jeers).

4.) Magyars are slow to anger, however, once they have entered into a state of rage to leave it they must make a Will save (DC 10+ level) in order to exit the state. And during this enraged state the Magyar cannot distinguish between friend and foe.

5.) Magyars receive a +2 circumstance bonus when Appraising or attempting a Handel Animal check with an animal of the same type as their pet.


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