In the north there lies an Isle that has never been conquered, that causes even the stoic Dwarven Defenders of Ulthan Pass to shudder at its very name: Pictland. Here with spear and shield have the Picts slain untold millions on their shores and hoisted their severed heads on spear tip as warning to the world – do not fuck with the Picts.

If you’re interested in playing a Pict here are some things you must know:

1.) The Picts are a proud people who believe that their nation is the greatest in all the world. Their pride extends to all things of Pict make and they will shun even a +5 Short spear of Slaying Your Enemy and Their Entire Families with One Blow for an ill made Pict Short spear.

2.) A Pict will under no circumstances company with any other barbarian tribe.

3.) The Picts are an incredibly tenacious people and receive a +3 bonus to their Hit Points at each level gained.

4.) The Blood Grudge. Once a Pict has determined that an individual is an enemy to either himself or to Pictland he will stop at nothing to kill that person. This Blood Grudge always begins with a formal blood letting ritual with the rising of the Full Moon presided over by a Pict Chieftain. After the completion of the ritual, usually within an hour of the Moon’s rising, the Pict will begin his hunt and will not stop – no matter the cost – until he has killed his victim.

5.) Picts prefer the short spear and shield to all other weapons, though they are occasionally found using javelins, long spears, and short bows.


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