The Vandals are found in a cluster of small Isles off the Corded Coast. They are known as raiders, thieves, and bandits. At various times they have been slavers, rapists, and hired thugs. Few value their existence, but fewer still would begrudge their aid.

If you’re interested in playing a Vandal here are some things you must know:

1.) The Vandals are vicious fighters and receive an additional point to their initial base attack bonus as a result of superior training.

2.) A Vandal will steal anything that isn’t bolted down (and that cannot be pried up with a crowbar, sledgehammer, and fifteen pounds of small explosives); however, due to their greedy nature when they can no longer add to their possessions they destroy anything that they cannot take with them – regardless of its value or its usefulness to their companions.

3.) The Vandals believe that the best weapon is their next weapon, and that the best trinket is the next one they find. As a result Vandals will often drop their current possession – be it a magical weapon or busted vase – for the next thing they find of a similar scope even if it is beyond their ability to use it. For example, the Vandal Vassar the Glutton famously dropped his magical war axe, Gildrand, at the battle of Kilfer to take Sir Wilfore’s ancestral sword. Sir Wilfore picked up the axe while Vassar examined his new prize and cleaved his head from his improperly burdened shoulders. It is said that Vassar’s head floated off into the heavens while his body thanked the good knight before falling dead on the spot.

4.) Unlike other barbarians Vandals are only concerned when they are not encumbered and it is not unusual to find a Vandal so overwhelmed with junk that he’s unable to even sip his wine but too greedy to put anything down though it meant his death. The only exception to this is when a Vandal has recently offloaded his possessions in his horde, an act that can often take weeks while the Vandal picks up and discards his junk countless times until his hunger overwhelms him and he must leave.

5.) Vandals often multi-class as rogues.


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